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Cannabis Accountants and How they Can Help to Grow a Business

Working with an Accountant that specializes in cannabis accounting will be able to help you succeed in this business and avoid any major roadblocks. As more states work toward legalizing medical and frivolous cannabis use along with commerce, the number of cannabis businesses are rising at the same time. Cannabis dispensaries, grow operations, and some new business all have to contend with identical issues, and they have the same unique series of challenges.

1. Getting an Account with a Bank
A most fundamental problem, among many others,
facing those in the cannabis industry is how to get a bank account. Since cannabis remains to be a federally regulated substance, a lot of banks are on guard against accepting cannabis clients. Although there have been guidelines issued by the federal government to banking institutions regarding permissible cannabis state companies, most of them are not keen about taking the risk of accepting a cannabis business as an account holder and client.
An Accountant will assist you to find your needed banking services, at a minimal cost possible.

2. Exploiting GAAP to be Keep Yourself Outside of Trouble
Generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP, are the established standards that regulates business on how they are supposed to keep the books they have and their account as well for things; for example, depreciation.
A number of federal bureaus are aggressively observing cannabis businesses as well as scrutinizing their practices in the business. A couple of the most precarious institutions for a cannabis business are the IRS and the SEC. Both of them are not only able to impose a fine on businesses, but they as well can file criminal charges.
By using GAAP, you and your cannabis business will be able to evade any of the terrible consequences once these agencies go for an examination of your books.

3. Escaping Tax Traps
Taxes are forever complicated for any business. But, things have been especially tougher for cannabis businessmen because the IRS by severely putting a limit as to which expenses can be deducted from their taxes. An Accountant who is proficient in this industry can help in the preparation of your taxes together with tax compliance.

4. Outlasting an Audit
Audits are never easy, but if the auditing agency considers the as illegitimate in general, audits can even be more agonizing. Working with an Accountant while confronting an audit is probably the only means to endure such a test.

5. Knowing the Numbers
An Accountant has been trained to compute and figure out the main financial indicators for the business you have. Anybody who wishes to survive such a cutthroat cannabis industry, you need help from an Accountant in understanding the financial strengths as well as weaknesses of your business. Also, you need tactical guidance from them when it comes to making the right decisions for the prospect of the business that you have.

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